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Which skincare ingredients you should and shouldn’t mix

As with every skincare fan, you’ve probably looked up good ingredients and products to add to your daily routine. But did you know some ingredients lose their efficacy when combined or worse, may cause a reaction in your skin?

Read on to find out which ingredients are a match made in skin heaven and which ones to avoid mixing!


  • reduces the sensitising & drying effects of retinol
  • powerful anti-ageing combination
  • brightens skin, improves pores, reduces skin texture


  • reduces sensitising effects of acids
  • improves skin hydration, texture, brightness
  • boosts collagen & elastin production

Skincare experts recommend leaving 30-45mins between each ingredient if you wish to apply them at the same time, or alternating them daily/ between your morning and nighttime routines.


  • as both ingredients are sensitising, they may cause irritation & dryness
  • retinol’s efficacy is reduced when used with acids
  • increases sun sensitivity and risk of sunburn


  • reduces efficacy of each ingredient
  • prevents absorption of ingredients into skin
  • may cause irritation, redness, & peeling

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