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Which Renaza cleanser should you choose?

Ask any skincare expert and they will tell you the first step to a good skincare routine is cleansing.

It is important to take off your day’s makeup, sunscreen, and remove any dirt, impurities, or pollutants that accumulate on your face throughout the day.

But with all the products out there in the market, how do we know what is the best cleanser for our skin?

Choosing a cleanser that is suitable for your skin makes a world of difference. Using the wrong type of cleanser may damage your skin barrier or lead to irritation, or may simply be less effective for your skin concerns and needs.

This week, we take a look at two of our top-selling cleansers from the Renaza product range, and recommend the best one for you.

The Renaza Gentle Hydrating Cleanser is an all-round crowd pleaser. It is free from irritants like SLS and parabens; and its hydrating benefits make it excellent for dry, sensitive, and ageing skin. It nourishes, hydrates, and revitalises, leaving skin soft and supple.

Let’s dive into some key ingredients that make this cleanser so great for skin. Rosehip seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamins E & A to revitalise, soothe, and heal skin, and lends a natural fragrance to the cleanser that isn’t cloying, artificial, or irritating.

Seaweed extract also smoothens and softens dry and mature skin, leaving skin looking more energised and youthful.

If you have dull and lackluster skin, look no further than the Renaza Brightening Foam Cleanser for healthy, glowing skin!

This foaming cleanser is gentle on skin and effectively removes impurities and dirt. Unlike other foaming cleansers, your skin’s natural moisture balance is maintained, leaving skin clean, bright, and hydrated to the touch with no uncomfortable tightness.

This cleanser contains lots of ingredients that pack a powerful punch. Hyaluronic acid hydrates and smooths skin, mulberry root extract protects and brightens skin, and ceramide restores your skin barrier, helps with moisture retention, and also reduces visible signs of ageing.

Purchase either of these cleansers at any of our Renaza outlets for happier, healthier skin! If you are still stumped on which one to pick, our therapists are happy to recommend the best cleanser for you.

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