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Turn up the glow this Xmas with Renaza!

Turn up the glow this Christmas with Renaza, no matter what skin concern you have! Here’s everything you need to know on restoring a healthy glow to your skin for the festivities!

If you have Ageing Skin

As you age, your skin produces less collagen and oil– substances that give our tissues a youthful fullness and elasticity. UV damage over the years can also result in more dark spots and wrinkles, as well as an uneven skin tone with drier skin.

This means that your complexion looks less dewy and radiant, as light reflects unevenly. Anything that increases collagen production and fights ageing skin will be your best bet.

If you have Acne Skin

Oily, acne-prone skin accentuates the appearance of large pores and bumps. While your skin may look shiny from all that sebum, it lacks radiance.

Tackling the cause of acne at its root and improving the texture and appearance of skin will help to improve skin glow.

If you have Dull & Dry Skin

Our skin sheds dead skin regularly to make way for healthy skin cells. However, several factors can cause build-up of dead skin cells on our skin’s surface, resulting in dull, dry, flakey skin.

Restoring a damaged skin barrier will allow your skin to better retain moisture as well as facilitate a regular skin cell turnover. 

Many people who have ageing skin also experience dullness and drier skin as well due to the drop in collagen and natural oils in their skin, so you may wish to consult a professional to properly assess the cause of your dull and dry skin.

If you have Hyperpigmentation

The top causes of hyperpigmentation are attributed to sun damage, inflammation from skin conditions like eczema or hormonal acne, or long-term medical conditions; resulting in your skin producing more melanin than normal. 

Hyperpigmentation is harder to treat at home, and often requires the help of skincare professionals, facial treatments & machines to correct or eradicate it completely. However, you can stave off further environmental damage and incorporate targeted serums to reduce further dark spots from forming.

Fight dull skin and restore skin glow this holiday season with the Renaza Pearl Barrier Defense! This powerful anti-ageing product hydrates, tightens, and brightens skin.

It features innovative technology– valuable oils and anti-ageing ingredients are encapsulated in algae gel to maintain freshness and prevent deterioration from UV damage and oxidation, which keeps it effective for longer.

Use under moisturiser or makeup for glowing, youthful skin!

View our full range online HERE. Alternatively, drop us a DM on our socials or a call and our skincare experts will recommend the best product combo for your skin needs.

Our Renaza Skincare range is available at all Renaza outlets. Inquire at your regular branch to purchase in time for the holidays!

Marina Bay Link Mall: 6323 3018
Wisma Atria: 6235 3343

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