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Your self-care weekend, sorted: here's all the Spotify Playlists to unwind to

Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and burnt out? You are not alone 🥺❤

With everything going on in the world now, more people are reporting higher levels of stress and burnout than ever before! 

In line with World Mental Health Day (10 October), we’ve done a handy round-up of our favourite self-care playlists.

Pick a self-care playlist you vibe with, and either: take those extra few hours in bed, go on a bike ride around the waterfront, have your own spa day at home… it’s YOUR day.

start your morning right

Wake up happy with these upbeat songs and say goodbye to those morning blues! Sing along, chill in bed, or prep a hearty breakfast– this playlist is the perfect accompaniment for your morning!

self care days & spa nights

Pop this playlist on during your morning beauty routine for some feel-good tracks that will boost your mood AND your confidence.

… or kick back and settle in for a spa night right from home for some well-deserved pamper time. You do YOU, girl!

read & unwind

How often do you get time to sit down and properly immerse yourself in a good book? Today’s the day! Let this playlist help you make some headway into your 2021 reading list 😉

work up a sweat

Working out as a form of self care?! Yes! Not only is it great for your health, it helps your overall wellbeing too. Regular exercise has been proven to lower stress levels and release endorphins (even if you may feel like dying during that cardio session). Plus, it helps with boosting your energy and productivity levels!

If you’re not one for an intense gym workout, we have just the playlist for you! Tune in to this relaxing and inspiring playlist and put on a YouTube exercise routine that you can follow along to.

get sh*t done

Getting all the little, insignificant tasks out of the way can be a great way to free up your mind and reduce the looming stress and to-dos that have been bugging you. Most of these things only take all of 5 minutes to do, but when stacked up together, they can create a huge stress monster!

Put on this playlist and devote an hour of your morning to: clear out your junk mail, cancel a recurring subscription, put in an order for more toilet paper, finally pay that bill.

And when that’s done, curl up in bed and treat yourself to a long kdrama marathon. You deserve it!

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