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Spend Chinese New Year with the Renaza Team!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! We hope you are having a happy and prosperous new year with health, wealth, and good fortune.

Come along and spend CNY with the Renaza team! ✨ It’s not always easy keeping your skin happy and healthy especially during the festive season, so here’s a peek into our skincare routines 😉 what is your secret to good skin this festive season? 💪🏻

chinese new year, cny, lunar new year, renaza skincare, renaza products, skincare tips, skincare products

Breaking out from too many CNY goodies? Here’s how you can tackle the spots just like E!

AHA Toner: Start off your routine after cleansing with the Renaza AHA Toner. It effectively accelerates the exfoliation of dead skin cells, speeds up skin renewal, and improves skin texture and appearance.

Niacinamide Skin Defence Serum: This soothing protective serum will be your holy grail product. It helps to soothe troubled and sensitive skin, strengthen skin defence and slow skin ageing. 

Spot Rescue: Tackle spots with this oil-free acne gel. It accelerates the exfoliation of dead skin cells to reduce clogged pores and acne appearance. It contains natural astringent properties to soothe reddish bumps, reduce acne size, and speed up recovery.

skinRECTIFIER+ : This premium rectifying cream is everything you need for healthy skin and complete your routine– it effectively hydrates, nourishes, firms skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and acne scars. 

chinese new year, cny, lunar new year, renaza skincare, renaza products, skincare tips, skincare products

Are all those late-night mahjong and drinking sessions catching up with you? 🥵 Here’s how you can maintain a glowy complexion just like C & C!

Brightening Foam Cleanser: Start off your routine with this gentle foaming cleanser. It gently removes impurities and dirt while maintaining your skin’s natural moisture balance. Skin feels clean, brighter and hydrated to the touch.

Clay Mint Mask: This clay mask comes in an innovative pump packaging for hygiene and ease of use. Bentonite clay contains deep pore cleansing and refining properties to draw all that gunk out of your skin. Apply to cleansed skin to exfoliate, renew, and tighten pores, leaving skin brighter and firmer.

Skin Illuminator: Give your skin a brightening boost! This product is paired with 10% fresh Vitamin C to be mixed at the point of use. Application of this serum enhances absorption and efficacy of subsequent products. It effectively lightens dark spots, firms and resurfaces skin, brightens skin tone, and defends against ageing.

Eye Booster: Panda eyes are never in fashion– use this eye serum to combat signs of ageing around the eyes and reduce puffiness and dark eye circles. You can also apply to your lash roots to reduce lash fall and stimulate lash growth.

chinese new year, cny, lunar new year, renaza skincare, renaza products, skincare tips, skincare products

Are your relatives still hounding you with endless questions? Trying to juggle all the visitors and coordinating your visits amid all the restrictions? 😫

We can’t get rid of the stress for you, but at least we can guarantee your skin looks amazing through it all with SL‘s routine 😎💪🏻

Ceramide Toner: Stress = compromised skin barrier, which leads to dehydrated and inflammed skin. This toner is pH balanced and alcohol free, and contains crucial ingredients like ceramide and eucalyptus extract to instantly moisturise, soothe, and nourish.

Hyaluronic H2O Gel: Dose your skin with extra hydration with the Renaza Hyaluronic H2O gel. This pure hyaluronic acid serum provides instant dry skin relief. It is excellent for oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin, and can be used alone or under your usual moisturiser as an extra layer of hydration.

Multi-Firming Cream: Give your nosey relatives something good to talk about with your youthful and rejuvenated skin! This product is a multi-functional age-defense cream designed to prevent early appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, improve skin elasticity and firmness around the eye, face and neck area. 

UV Protector: No anti-ageing skincare routine is complete without a good suncare product. This water-based sunscreen is light, non-sticky, and does not clog pores. It has added vitamins and nutrients to soothe and protect skin, and heals just as well as it protects.

Want to add these products to your skincare routine?

View our full range online HERE before you decide! Alternatively, drop us a DM on our socials or a call and our skincare experts will recommend the best products for your skin needs.

Our Renaza Skincare range is available at all Renaza outlets. Inquire at your regular branch to purchase!

Marina Bay Link Mall: 6323 3018
Wisma Atria: 6235 3343

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