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Skin concern spotlight: INFLAMMATION

If you are someone who has sensitive/ reactive skin, you are probably familiar with skin inflammation– reddened, irritated skin that feels dehydrated yet oily, with a burning sensation and sensitive to the touch.

If left untreated, skin inflammation may persist for an extended period and develop into a chronic skin condition.

Fortunately, prevention is very possible if you know how to manage your skin health and avoid the triggers that cause inflammation. Read on to find out what our skin experts recommend about managing this skin concern!

What causes skin inflammation?

Skin inflammation occurs as a response to bacteria and infection.

As it inflames, the redness is a side effect of blood rushing in with immune cells to repair the damage and fight off the infection.

This happens on a micro level daily, but usually, this amount is enough for our immune system and skin to fight off.

However, when these aggressors become too overwhelming, the infection goes out of control and manifests as visible redness with sensitive, inflamed skin.

Often, people who suffer from skin inflammation have a compromised skin barrier and a lack of moisture in the skin as a result, which is a vicious cycle that causes the inflammation to persist for longer or even worsen.

Common triggers/ causes:

Inflammation can be triggered both internally (e.g. diet, stress) and externally (over-exfoliation, pollution, sensitising ingredients).

Tips to help tackle inflammation:

There is no one perfect solution for everyone, as every individual is different. It is important to know the triggers for your skin and avoid them! 

Of course, things like managing our diet to cut out inflammatory foods and load up on healthy, skin-friendly foods, or practising mindfulness and keeping both our physical and mental health in check will never go wrong.

Where you can, avoid high-stress/anxiety situations and pace yourself during work days, taking breaks when needed. Speak to a loved one or a close friend if the stress gets out of hand, especially during this period. High levels of stress causes increased cortisol levels, which causes flare-ups of skin conditions and more frequent breakouts.

Adjust your skincare routine- reduce the amount of actives if you are including too many in your routine (e.g. acids, retinol) and include more products with anti-inflammatory and anti-pollution protection. If you are in your mid-twenties or older, now would be a good time to start a solid anti-ageing routine if you haven’t already started!

If making simple lifestyle changes do not help alleviate your inflammation, it is important to seek professional help from a beautician or dermatologist to avoid it becoming a chronic condition.

Tackling inflammation at home

The Renaza Niacinamide Skin Defence Serum is the perfect addition to your routine if you want to tackle inflammation.

This soothing protective serum strengthens skin defence, builds up skin moisture and slows skin ageing, protecting against environmental irritants and tackling pesky acne. Truly a holy grail product to add to your routine!

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