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Renaza Skincare product pairings you'll love

Love our Renaza skincare products but feel spoilt for choice and lost on where to even begin building the best routine for your skin needs?

This blog does exactly just that. Strap in and step up your skincare game with us– here are some product pairings you and your skin will be sure to love.

Bid irritated and dry skin goodbye with this power pairing. 💪🏻✨

With powerful nourishing skincare ingredients like Niacinamide, Vitamins A & E, seaweed extract, and rosehip seed oil, this power combination will help intensely hydrate and soothe skin. 💧

This product combination also helps repair your compromised skin barrier, which allows your skin to stay hydrated and moisturised for longer.

Oily and acne-prone skin can be a nightmare to manage in Singapore’s weather. And with mask wearing not going away anytime soon, more and more people are experiencing persistent maskne or severe breakouts. 😰 

With this bacteria-busting, skin clearing & revitalising combo, you can effectively tackle stubborn spots, detoxify troubled skin, and improve skin tone and texture for a healthier, smoother complexion!

Good things should be shared- and this product combo is too good to keep secret! 

The beauty of this combo lies in how well these products complement each other- application of the Skin Illuminator serum enhances absorption and efficacy of subsequent products applied, boosting the anti-ageing and revitalising effects!

With potent anti-ageing ingredients like Vitamins C & E, peptides, resveratrol, and niacinamide, this combination helps to prevent the signs of ageing, improve skin elasticity & collagen formation, and improve skin brightness & tone.

Want to pick up a product to add to your routine? Or view our full range online HERE before you decide!

Our Renaza Skincare range is available at all Renaza outlets. Inquire at your regular branch to purchase!

Marina Bay Link Mall: 6323 3018
Wisma Atria: 6235 3343

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