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Facial on a budget? It's not as hard as you think

Facial on a budget? It’s not as hard as you think. Here are some of our favourite facials that get you that glowing skin without breaking the bank ✨

(trial at $78)

Experiencing dull and dehydrated skin that makes your complexion look flat and lifeless? The Vita Aqua Glow facial combines two aesthetic digital technology (Sonophoresis & Iontophoresis) with Photodynamic (LED) light therapy to deeply cleanse and deliver pure hyaluronic acid via transdermal delivery.

Not all hyaluronic acid is created equal, and some HA sits on the surface of your skin due to its large molecular weight. Our technology and low molecular nano-hyaluronic acid ensures that your skin receives intense hydration!

Why is hydration and moisture so important for healthier, younger looking skin? Hydrated skin is less likely to show signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles, and have higher skin elasticity and radiance.

This facial comes with our customised multi-masking to suit every skin concern. Expect radiant, luminous and younger-looking skin after your first facial!

(trial at $78)

Cryo Cool Therapy is all the rage these days for its combined benefits of LED phototherapy and cryo technology. If you’re looking for a refreshing facial that helps minimise the appearance of large pores, this facial is the one for you!

This facial also has 3 unique individual customisations that can be adjusted for specific skin concerns.

Choose between Lift (ageing skin), Clear (acne), and Hydra (dehydrated & sensitive skin) to suit your skin needs.

The facial starts off with a sonic cleansing exfoliator to remove dead skin cells that also help to unclog and minimise the appearance of enlarged pores.

The Renaza Cryo Facial also utilises a unique combination of Cryo Cool Therapy with blue LED Light to improve clarity, refine and tighten pores; while the infusion of Amino Peptides aids in significantly reducing expression lines, firming skin, improving skin volume and texture.

(trial at $48)

This facial is a results-driven anti-acne treatment that treats open and enlarged pores, targeting troubled, acne-prone skin.

It is suitable for oily, combination, and even sensitive and easily irritated skin! If you are someone with painful breakouts and sensitive skin, this soothing facial will definitely aid in treating and healing troubled skin.

 Not convinced yet? Let’s look into some of the ingredients that make this facial so good!

Expect revitalising ingredients like salicylic acid and Ribwort Leaf extract that destroys acne-causing bacteria; antioxidants from pure honey extract to protect against free radical damage; and Barberry Leaf to reduce breakouts. Sign me right up!

One of my favourite steps? The gentle lymphatic drainage massage with gentle strokes to drain toxins and reduce the occurrences of breakouts in the future.

(trial at $38)

Customise your facial even further with Omega light therapy! This is a medical-grade LED device that can be adjusted to benefit different skin conditions and tackle issues such as acne, scarring, pigmentation, dull skin and even soothe sensitive skin. Choose from 4 wavelengths to suit your skin needs.

At Renaza, we are always committed to being there for you and your skin; helping you reach your skin goals.

If you’re lost on which facial is best for you, drop us a call to book a consultation and our skin experts will recommend the best treatment for your skin needs.

Marina Bay Link Mall: 6323 3018

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