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Essential skincare tips for the monsoon season

As Singapore moves into the monsoon season, you may experience more skin concerns than usual due to the rapidly changing weather.

Load up on these tips to keep your skin happy and healthy through this humidity and heat! 🥵


Instead of a rich, oil-based moisturiser that may feel uncomfortable and stuffy on skin, swap to water or gel-based skincare.

These products will feel lightweight on skin, even if you top up on hydration throughout the day.

They are also less likely to clog pores if you have oily skin or have to wear face masks for an extended period in the day.

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During this period, the weather alternates very quickly between sunny and rainy. Even if it looks cloudy outside, we are still exposed to UV damage from the sun’s rays and from artificial lighting.

Rain or shine, sunscreen is a must in your daily routine!

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Contrary to popular belief, your skin can actually be more dehydrated during the wetter months. Why?

The increased humidity during the monsoon season will lead to impaired barrier function of skin, which affects the skin’s ability to retain moisture and also makes it more susceptible to attack from pollution and bacteria.

You can layer hydration on to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised through a hydrating toner, serum, or essence before your moisturiser. This also reduces the oily/ sticky feeling as compared to a rich moisturiser.

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All the damp heat, combined with extensive face mask use, can cause a serious build up of dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria on our face.

This makes for dull skin, increased breakouts, and flare-ups of existing skin conditions!

Exfoliate 2-3 times a week with a gentle chemical exfoliant to remove dead skin cells, improve cell turnover, and reduce clogged pores.

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Pollutants increases free radicals while lowering antioxidants in our body. This contributes to an impaired skin barrier and stressed out skin!

Continual exposure to environmental aggressors over the years will lead to faster skin ageing and more visible signs of skin damage like dark spots and fine lines. Not a good look on anyone! 😰

To combat this, make sure to include skincare with pollution defence to restore and repair the battering your skin takes during this period.

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Regular facials will give your skin some extra TLC that it desperately needs.

Not only does it help reduce build-up of dead skin cells and re-nourish the skin, you can also incorporate intensive anti-ageing or brightening care to keep your skin glowing throughout this monsoon season!

Facials also boosts the efficacy of your skincare products, so you can tackle your skin concerns more effectively at home too.

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