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Debunking moisturiser myths

Moisturisers. A simple, crucial step in every skincare routine, and impossible to mess up. Right?

But like every other skincare step out there, it comes with a ton of myths, misconceptions, and a lot of ‘advice’ floating out there on the web that simply isn’t true!

Our skincare experts at Renaza have compiled some of the more common moisturiser myths and why they aren’t true! Hopefully this aids you on your skincare journey to better skin!

if you have oily skin, you shouldn't use moisturiser

No, no, no! Every skin type needs moisturiser.

We often think of moisturiser as a rich cream that goes on to our face, making oily skin feel even oilier.

Water and gel-based moisturisers are excellent for oily and combination skin– it feels lightweight while still locking in the moisture in your skin.

serum, moisturiser, and facial oils are all the same thing

Serums, facial oils and moisturisers can be used to add hydration and moisture to our skin, causing confusion in many who think they can be used interchangeably since they all have the ‘same’ function.

In fact, these are all different skincare products and can be combined for an even more effective result.

Facial oils and serums tend to be more concentrated, with more targeted benefits. Serums are better able to penetrate the skin and provide a more effective result due to its higher concentration of active ingredients.

Facial oils are applied over moisturiser and help to prevent water and other active ingredients from evaporating, while also acting as a barrier to reduce toxins from penetrating the skin.

Apply them in this order: serum > moisturiser > facial oil.

your skin can become 'lazy and dependent' on moisturiser

Absolutely not true! Your skin doesn’t suddenly stop producing sebum just because you use a moisturiser.

You may feel that your skin is more dry because you may have become used to how your skin feels after moisturising, but applying moisturiser regularly doesn’t cause your skin to become dry, damaged, or dependent on moisturiser.

you should apply moisturiser to dry skin

Yes, you can do this, but moisturiser is most effective after you have toned, hydrated, and applied your serums.

Moisturisers help lock in hydration and seal all the goodness you applied earlier, while forming a barrier to reduce moisture loss, especially overnight. 

you don't need sunscreen if you use a moisturiser with SPF

This is only true provided you apply a sufficient amount.

In reality, because of how low the SPF in our moisturiser or makeup usually is, and how little we apply of it, it is not enough to protect us from the sun’s rays.

Even though layering multiple SPF products may seem to cut down on time and skip an extra step of dedicated sunscreen, it may not be enough protection especially in sunny Singapore! 

need a good moisturiser to add to your routine?

Want to find a good lightweight moisturiser with plenty of benefits to add to your skincare routine? Pick from two of our fan-favourite moisturisers!

SkinRECTIFIER+: This premium rectifying cream is everything you need for healthy skin– it effectively hydrates, nourishes, firms skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and acne scars.

Snail secretion filtrate is the key ingredient here– it nourishes, heals, and reduces the signs of ageing while helping us fight micro-inflammation!

Multi-Firming Cream: A multi-functional age-defense cream designed to prevent early appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, improve skin elasticity and firmness around the eye, face and neck area.

With key ingredients like peptides, resveratrol, and Vitamin E, you’ll be getting plenty of antioxidants to slow skin ageing and protect your skin!

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