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Why your hyaluronic acid isn't effective

Hyaluronic acid is the darling of the skincare world. It’s effective, timeless, and works great with so many other skincare ingredients to help and heal your skin.

But maybe you’ve been seeing lackluster results- or it’s even doing nothing for you at all!

Let us break down the reasons why it doesn’t seem to be effective– and how you can change that.

should be applied to damp skin

Hyaluronic acid is a humectant– it helps your skin hold on to water. This is why you see the best results when your skin is still damp!

After cleansing, and while your skin is still damp (but not sopping wet), tap a few drops of HA into your palms and gently pat into your face.

Remember to lock it in with a richer moisturiser afterwards (which brings us to the next point!).

lock it in with moisturiser

While hyaluronic acid can in fact draw moisture from the air and leave your skin looking hydrated and plump, skin experts generally recommend doing both steps of hydrating (HA) and moisturising.

For people with oily skin, it may be tempting to skip  this step, but swapping to a gel moisturiser should aid in reducing the sticky sensation on skin while also ensuring the skin is hydrated and moisturised.

This step ensures that your skin is better able to retain moisture content for longer, and also reduces the tendency to over-produce sebum.

double up in your other skincare steps

HA doesn’t just have to come before your moisturiser- you can mix it in with your moisturiser and even into your foundation too!

If you’re not a fan of doing your own mixing, many other skincare products use HA as a supporting ingredient to hydrate and soothe skin. Why not check out our Renaza Skincare range for some popular pairings?

it needs more time

If you use hyaluronic acid AND your regular moisturiser and your skin still feels dehydrated or dry, perhaps what you need is time. If you have an existing skin condition or a severely damaged skin barrier (e.g. from overusing skincare actives or damaging skin exfoliators), your skin might need time to recover.

Our typical skin cycle takes about 4-5 weeks to regenerate and push new, healthy skin to the surface. Monitor your skin condition and if it doesn’t improve, you may wish to get professional help to tackle your skin concerns!

add hyaluronic acid to your routine!

Want to find a good hyaluronic acid product to add to your skincare routine? Why not try the Renaza Hyaluronic H2O Gel?

This pure hyaluronic acid serum provides instant dry skin relief. It is excellent for oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin, and can be used alone or under your usual moisturiser as an extra layer of hydration.

Our Renaza Skincare range is available at all Renaza outlets. Inquire at your regular branch to purchase! You may also view our full range online HERE .

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