OxyGeneo+ with Tripollar Face Therapy


Raved as “the super 3-in-1 facial” by professionals, the OxyGeneo+ Facial with Tripollar provides superior and long-lasting anti-aging results, and unparalleled skin nourishment and oxygenation.

With this patented and breakthrough technology, one can enjoy the exfoliation benefits of microdermabrasion plus facial rejuvenation with the infusion of essential revitalising nutrients and healing skin oxygenation from within.

Revel in this painless and relaxing facial treatment which involves a 3-step process with the premium OxyGeneo™ device. Experience the glow and younger looking skin after your first treatment.

Suitable for:

Raved as “the super 3-in-1 facial” by professionals


  • Superior & long-lasting anti-ageing results
  • Skin oxygenation from within
  • Immense hydration
  • Reduction of pigmentation
  • Tightened and minimised pores

Facial Steps:

1 | Calming
2 | Deep cleansing
3 | Use of Tripollar Radiofrequency Device:
This innovative 3rd generation RF technology painlessly delivers focused and optimal radiofrequency to regenerate collagen and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.
4 | Application of Nourishing Capsugen™:
Use of a patented capsule with valuable components in the nutrient-rich gel for optimal absorption into the skin
5 | Use of 3-Steps Oxygeneo machine
6 | Application of soft mask

(U.P. $530)

3-Steps Oxygeneo machine:


Exfoliation of the upper skin layer to remove dead cells, smooth and renew the skin, preparing it to receive active nutrients.


Infusion of potent nutrients for rejuvenation, anti-aging and skin brightening.


Production of CO2 bubbles which sends oxygen-rich blood to the area, increase blood circulation and skin metabolism.

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