Mum & Daughter Facial bundle

60-90mins | 2 Facials at $198

Surprise your mum with a good pampering session with our Mum & Daughter Facial bundle! Not only can you treat mum to a luxurious experience she won’t forget– you’ll be spending some quality time with her too– all without breaking the bank!

Pick from a curated selection of some of our favourite facials that you’ll both be sure to love, and swing by for a well-deserved facial with mum! 

Glow Renewal Facial

The Glow Renewal Facial uses sMTS (Soluble Microneedle Therapy System) Technology to nourish and provide a renewed glow.
Soluble micro-needling particles safely delivers active ingredients, such as Hyaluronic Acid, EGF and other proteins/peptides, to promote cell renewal. Unlike traditional micro-needling, there’s no scratching or puncturing of the skin.

Expect a brighter and younger-looking skin that is exceptionally moisturised and hydrated! With no injection, no pain, no scar, no hassle, it’s suitable for all skin types.


  • Anti-ageing and minimises the appearance of wrinkles
  • Enhances collagen and elastin
  • Reforms and repairs skin cell growth
  • Soothes skin and prevents irritation
  • Effectively brightens and moisturises skin
  • Dramatically hydrates skin for a radiant complexion

Facial Steps:

1 | Calming
2 | Foam Cleansing & Exfoliating
3 | Light Extraction
4 | Eyebrow Trimming
5 | Application of sMTS Oil Spicule Essence
6 | Application of sMTS Triple Active Serum with Cryo Cool Therapy
7 | Face & Shoulder Massage
8 | Application of sMTS Dual HA Mask

Black Peel Facial

with Tripollar face therapy

Black Peel is a highly active concentrate that effectively removes surface debris from the outermost layer of the skin layer to reveal a healthier, fresher, and younger-looking skin. This maximum strength peel comes in a lipid (oil) base for optimal skin smoothness with minimal irritation, with numerous active ingredients to boost hydration, glow, and overall skin appearance.

 Combined with our customised multi-masking and Tripollar face therapy, expect radiant, smoother, and younger-looking skin that looks as good as it feels!


  • Stimulates skin cell renewal and cell turnover rates for healthier skin
  • Improves absorption and efficacy of subsequent products and treatments
  • Unclogs pores and reduces acne formation
  • Boosts elastin and collagen production
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves radiance, skin tone and texture
  • Lightens blemishes, pigmentation, and scars
  • Provides protection against environmental aggressors 

Facial Steps:

1 | Calming acupressure therapy with essential oil
2 | Deep cleansing
3 | Tripollar face therapy
4 | Black peel application
5 | Shoulder massage
6 | Extraction
7 | Eyebrow trimming
8 | Facial massage
9 | Shoulder massage
10 | Multi-masking system
11 | Skin care + sunblock (optional)

(U.P. $530)

Maskne Facial

The Renaza Maskne Facial combines our Niacinamide Skin Defence Serum and Cryo Cool therapy to relieve stressed out skin, protect skin from environmental damage, and restore the health and appearance of troubled skin.  


  • Fights acne-causing bacteria
  • Soothes sensitive & troubled skin
  • Repairs & restores skin barrier
  • Protects against environmental damage
  • Improves skin hydration and glow
  • Slows skin ageing

Facial Steps:

1 | Calming acupressure therapy with essential oils
2 | Make up removal
3 | Deep cleanse
4 | Scrub
5 | Application of blackhead remover
6 | Extraction
7 | Eyebrow shaping
8 | Lymphatic drainage massage
9 | Application of Renaza Niacinamide Defence Serum
10 | Cryo cold therapy
11 | Application of soft mask
12 | Shoulder massage
13 | Application of skincare + sunblock (optional)

Vita Aqua Facial

Vita Aqua Glow facial combines two aesthetic digital technology (Sonophoresis & Iontophoresis) with Photodynamic (LED) light therapy that deeply cleanses and delivers pure hyaluronic acid via transdermal delivery.


  • Boosts elasticity and hydration of skin
  • Promotes growth of collagen
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Repairs fibrous tissues
  • Lightens blemishes and scars
  • Boosts skin barrier function

Facial Steps:

1 | Calming
2 | Make up removal
3 | Cleanse
4 | Sonic ion machine therapy for scaling of dead skin cells with H2O
5 | Extraction
6 | Eyebrow trimming
7 | Acupressure points facial massage
8 | Shoulder massage
9 | Multi- masking system
10 | Sonic ion with LED machine penetration with nano HA serum
11 | Skin care + sunblock (optional)

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