Maskne Facial


Say goodbye to maskne with Renaza’s NEW Maskne facial!

Relieve stressed out skin, protect skin from environmental damage, and restore the health and appearance of troubled skin.

After all, face masks will be around for awhile, but that doesn’t mean your maskne has to be.


Suitable for:

What is maskne?

Masking up daily to protect our health has resulted in a rise in people suffering from mask acne.

As sweat, dirt, bacteria and makeup residue stay trapped under your mask in constant contact with your skin, it creates the perfect environment for clogged pores and acne to form. Itchiness and increased sensitivity are also common complaints from wearing masks for long periods of time.

While acne-prone skin are more susceptible to increased breakouts, maskne can affect people of all skin types.


How can the renaza Maskne Facial help:

  • Fights acne-causing bacteria
  • Soothes sensitive & troubled skin
  • Repairs & restores skin barrier
  • Protects against environmental damage
  • Improves skin hydration and glow
  • Slows skin ageing

Key Ingredients:

The star of the show here is Niacinamide.

This ingredient is an excellent multi-tasker and has gained popularity for its numerous skin benefits. It has anti-inflammatory & anti-ageing properties that work great together with other skin-healing ingredients by boosting collagen and hyaluronic acid production. It soothes and resurfaces skin, fights acne, strengthens skin barrier AND brightens skin.

Facial Steps:

1 | Calming acupressure therapy with essential oils
2 | Make up removal
3 | Deep cleansing
4 | Application of blackhead remover
5 | Extraction
6 | Eyebrow shaping
7 | Lymphatic drainage massage
8 | Application of Renaza Niacinamide Defence Serum
9 | Cryo cold therapy
10 | Application of soft mask
11 | Shoulder massage
12 | Application of skincare + sunblock (optional)

(U.P. $350)

Of course, aside from regular facials, it is best to introduce acne-busting, skin barrier-restoring products into your regular skincare routine. Skipping a proper skincare routine- especially cleansing and hydration- means you may need more time to tackle your maskne issues.

We’ve been seeing more customers come in skin woes from stress, environmental aggressors, and maskne over the past year, and have formulated the Niacinamide Skin Defence Serum to tackle all these problems and more!

This soothing protective serum helps to strengthen skin defence and slow skin ageing. Perfect for relieving sensitive skin and acne breakouts from environmental irritants and maskne, this serum soothes, protects, and strengthens the skin barrier.

As an introductory offer, we are giving out a full-sized serum worth $58 when you sign up for the first session for our maskne facial! Limited quantities available- so sign up soon to enjoy this while stocks last!

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