Crystal Collagen Facial


A unique formulation by Renaza, the Crystal Collagen Facial clarifies and brightens the skin by gently eliminating pigmentation and correcting uneven and dull skin tone. It enhances new skin cell formation and inhibits the production of melanin for a brighter, clear and naturally radiant complexion.

Suitable for:


• Restores depleted collagen
• Rejuvenates skin
• Increases skin’s firmness & elasticity
• Revives youthful skin
• Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Facial Steps:

1 | Calming acupressure therapy with essential oil
2 | Makeup removal
3 | Deep cleansing
4 | Exfoliating Scrub
5 | Extraction
6 | Eyebrow trimming
7 | Lymphatic drainage face massage
8 | Application of Crystal Collagen Cellulose sheet mask
9 | Shoulder massage
10 | Application of skin care + sunblock (optional)

(U.P. $140)

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