CPL/IPL Facial

60-90mins | Trial at $88

Calibrated Pulsed Light (CPL) is an innovative facial technology with square pulse technology and dual mode filtering that sets it apart from many ordinary IPL systems! CPL provides a wide range of wavelengths for several skin conditions i.e. removal of hair, photo-damaged skin, acne, epidermal pigmented lesions and vascular lesions. This treatment boasts non-invasive, pain-free skin rejuvenation and hair removal, leaving skin looking smooth, silky, and radiant.

Suitable for:


• Infuses intense moisture into the skin
• Increases skin’s capacity to retain moisture
• Boosts cell regeneration
• Maintains health and integrity of cells
• Revives sun-damaged skin

Facial Steps:

1 | Calming acupressure therapy with essential oil
2 | Cleanse
3 | Exfoliating scrub
4 | Extraction
5 | Eyebrow trimming
6 | CPL Therapy
7 | Lymphatic drainage face massage
8 | Application of soft mask
9 | Shoulder massage
10 | Skin care + sunblock

worth $350

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