Slip into that backless cocktail dress with confidence with Renaza’s Scar Reduction Photodynamic Therapy. This treatment utilises Microdermabrasion and Photodynamic Therapy, combined with customised premium skincare, to produce effective results.


Calibrated/ Intense Pulsed Light (CPL/IPL)emits high energy light waves to transmit through the skin, targeting the hair follicles. When this light energy is absorbed by the hair follicle, it converts to heat which damages the follicle permanently.

It also provides a wide range of wavelengths for several skin conditions i.e. removal of hair, photo-damaged skin, epidermal pigmented lesions and vascular lesions.


This relaxing and painless procedure uses multi-polar radio frequency and MP2 (Magnetic Pulse) technology to stimulate fibroblasts to increase collagen synthesis and breakdown fats through its thermal action. This restoring response reduces fats, reduces cellulite, and tightens and firms the body.

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