It’s not easy being a student these days. From dealing with hormonal acne, breakouts from stress, and mask-ne, achieving beautiful skin seems like an impossible goal without access to pricey treatments. But fret not! If you are looking for an affordable alternative to facials, Omega Light Therapy may be the answer.


Omega Light Photodynamic Therapy is a medical-grade LED device that can be used to effectively target different skin concerns and is excellent for troubled and damaged skin. Not only does it eliminate pesky acne-causing bacteria, it reduces over-production of sebum typically seen during puberty, and also promotes blood circulation and detox of skin to ensure your face is rid of toxins and dead skin cells. In addition, this device energises fibroblast cells to facilitate skin regeneration, building collagen and elastin for healthy, firm skin!

This treatment is a suitable add-on to improve the efficacy of your skincare routine. As Omega Light Therapy can be done without a facial, it makes for an affordable and effective option for people on a budget who do not want to compromise on good skin.

✔ eliminates acne-causing bacteria
✔ reduces sebum production
✔ promotes blood circulation and detox
✔ improves skin regeneration
✔ increases elastin & collagen production


worth $150

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