Luscious Lips Treatment

The Luscious Lips Treatment is a dedicated pampering session for your lips. The sun, dry cold air, harsh environment, aging and poor lifestyle habits are all factors known to do a number on your lips. Instead of choosing between a moisturising and lip-plumping lip balm, treat the skin on your lips to a spa lips therapy to restore your lips to its pristine condition.

Our Luscious Lips Treatment uses a combination of non-invasive Cold Light (Luminescence) Therapy and 100% natural ingredients to deliver optimal results and fuller bolstered lips.

Fuller, Luscious, Kissable lips

  • Lips are moisturised and hydrated
  • Lips are gentle bolstered to appear fuller and plump
  • Reverse signs of aging – reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, discolouration & dryness

1.   Cleanse

2.   Exfoliate
Exfoliation of lips will be done with customised sugar scrubs. This removes the dead skin flakes on lips, revealing a pair of smooth lips.

3.   Application of Lip Hyaluron & Aloe Cocktail

4.   Use of Cold Light (Luminescence) Therapy

5.   Application of Collagen Protein & Hydrating Aloe-Extract Lip Mask

Perfect For:
Thin Lips
Uneven Lips
Chapped Lips
Wrinkled ips

worth $130