Essential Eye/Neck Treatment

The skin around the eye and neck is especially thin, making it fragile and delicate. This makes it easier to sag, wrinkle and wither. These areas are also easily neglected, which can age one’s appearance by a full decade.

Invigorate your eyes with our Essential Eye Treatment. This indulging 20-minutes eye treatment will immensely hydrate & brighten your eyes, lighten dark eye rings and send your eye bags packing away.

Or indulge in our Essential Neck Treatment that is specially designed for the delicate neck and upper chest area to contour, enhance elasticity and reduce deep horizontal lines. This pampering 20-minutes neck treatment also promotes lymphatic drainage to encourage toxin, waste and fat elimination.


1. Calming

2. Cleanse

3. Lymphatic Drainage Eye/Neck Massage

4. Application of Customised Eye/Neck Mask

  • Neglected Eye/Neck
  • Dehydrated Eye/Neck
  • Dark Eye Rings

worth $130