Epicell Boosters Series

PDRN Skin Renewal Therapy is a non-invasive, no injection anti-ageing procedure that harnesses salmon DNA to repair and renew at the cellular level to achieve younger-looking skin. It is combined with Epicell Boosters to deliver the active constituents of micro-molecules deep into the skin through atomisation.

Perfect for: Dull, Ageing, Sagging Skin, Pigmentation

The EpiGlow Boosters with Stem Cells Therapy is a facial treatment that is specifically designed to combat ageing and pigmentation. With a superior and potent mix of botanical stem cells, this facial repairs damaged skin cells and accelerates cells regeneration.

Perfect for: Ageing, Sagging Skin, Lethargic Skin

The EpiGlow Boosters Brightening Therapy is a facial treatment that is specifically designed to lighten pigmentation and brighten the overall skin complexion. With Alpha Arbutin as the key ingredient, this facial blocks the production of melanin and skin discolourations.

Perfect for: Pigmentation, Uneven skin tone