With International Women’s Day coming up, we will be catching up with some of the women that make Renaza the brand it is today! Catch snippets from our chats with Rachael, Kelly, Faye, and Fiona and gain a little insight into their lives.


women of renaza, renaza, rachael, skincare, facialHow long have you been at Renaza?

I’ve been here for 7 years. We have quite a few customers who have been with us for over a decade- they’ve come over from our old location at Ann Siang Hill.

Many of our customers have become our friends and we sometimes get little gifts of appreciation or they will buy us food when they see we are too busy to eat! Sometimes we even get angbao, which is very sweet of them. I feel like part of their family.


What do customers like about Renaza?

They like the relaxing environment here, especially after our refurbishment. We’ve added more sofas and chairs in the waiting area, and we’ve got feedback that it looks more welcoming now. It looked like a clinic before!

They also say that it’s nice that a lot of the staff are now familiar faces to them- our longest serving staff, Xiao Ling, has been at Renaza for 12 years, and is one of our most popular therapists here.

Some of our regulars have also told us that they appreciate the competitive prices we have for our central location and the services we offer; and that we don’t forget them while we try to raise awareness of our brand. Many beauty chains have good deals for first-timers, but forget that their regulars make up a huge part of their business.

Even the promotions we have going out for March, we made sure that it wasn’t just restricted to first-time customers. I don’t think that’s fair to people who have supported us for so long.


What do you do on your rest days?

On rest days, there is still no rest- I usually try to catch up on housework and make sure all the chores are done. I also try to spend some time with my two children, but they are both in their teenage years so they don’t like to listen to me (laughs). Do you know that age?

To be honest, I feel a bit guilty I didn’t get to spend more time with them when they were younger. At my previous job, we didn’t get off days on public holidays or Sundays, so it was my husband that spent more time with them.

I still wonder if we could be closer now if I had spent more time with them last time. Being a working mum is really not easy- you will understand when you have kids of your own next time. Hopefully I will be the last sandwich generation- it’s tiring having people both younger and older than you to support.

I joked to my daughter: “Will you treat me to good food when you are older?”

She told me, “Sure, ma. I’ll treat you to zhap cai png (mixed vegetable rice).” (laughs)


Are there any facial treatments with Renaza that you have tried?

I have tried all- I need to in order to best recommend them to customers!

My skin is quite dry on the outside and oily beneath, maybe since I spend quite a lot of time in an air-conditioned environment. As my skin is on the mature side, I also need some extra help.

Deep penetration treatments like the Oxygeneo Facial with Tripollar are very suitable for my skin- it really hydrates and oxygenates skin, reduces pigmentation, tightens pores, and has anti-ageing effects. That’s why we describe it as a 3-in-1 super facial- I really like and do this facial regularly, it’s one of the facials that I usually recommend.


What are some common skincare mistakes that people make?

Not doing proper cleansing, or skipping the double cleanse. I feel that the most important step is cleansing- there is no point in piling on expensive treatments or products on top of dirty skin. Just using your normal cleanser is not enough if you are wearing makeup, especially waterproof makeup and mascara.

I have some customers that tell me they don’t cleanse if they don’t apply makeup. But pollutants from the air and sweat will build up, and you need a proper cleansing step to remove these.

I would also recommend cleansing both in the morning and at night. You can use a lighter cleanser and skip the double cleanse in the morning, and follow up with a toner.


Why is it important to follow up with a toner after cleansing? I think a lot of people don’t really understand the importance of toner, myself included.

I’d say toner is definitely one of the most important steps! Applying toner helps to remove excess dirt, oils, and makeup, and balance out the pH of your skin, which might be affected by the chlorine and other minerals in tap water.

People often apply toner to their palms and pat it in, but I personally prefer to use a cotton pad to apply. Some are reluctant as they are afraid of ‘wasting’ the product, but just patting it in with your palms means you don’t actually take off the excess dirt and traces of makeup, you sort of just rub it around your face which you don’t want.

If you are afraid of wasting product, I usually tear the cotton pad into half to make it thinner, so you don’t have to use as much toner.


On that note, are there any toners you would recommend?

It is important to use toners that aren’t heavy on alcohol- while these may make your skin feel cool and clean, these will dry out your skin. Renaza’s Acne Series AHA toner is actually quite good- it gently exfoliates and helps with oily skin, acne, and reduces fine lines.


women of renaza, renaza, kelly, skincare, facial


What are your recommendations for food around MBFC?

The lei cha (thunder tea rice) from Lai Pa Sat. It’s worth being lei-te (late) for. Haha!

I’m Cantonese, so soup-based dishes are my favourite.


What do you do on your rest days?

(giggles) I usually [sic] go dating with my hubby. We’ve been married 20 years but I think it’s important to spend time together. We don’t do anything special in particular- we just walk around, watch movies, and have some good food. We both like adventure/ action films, like Jurassic Park (a classic). We recently watched Ip Man 4 too.


Sounds like the perfect date to me. What do you like best about your husband?

我老公是怎样?… 老公就是老!(laughs) Hmm… I like how thoughtful he is. He is very sweet and dedicated.


What kind of treatments are popular here?

Any treatments to do with hydration, especially at MBS. We tend to get a lot of overseas clientele who travel regularly. Low air humidity in the plane impacts the skin’s ability to retain moisture and travellers are less likely to stay hydrated, so their skin tends to be very dry.

We usually recommend the Hydra Intense Moisturising Facial or the Vita Aqua Glow Facial, both of which help intensely hydrate the skin and repair the skin’s barrier function.

Dry skin is not just prevalent in foreigners though. Though Singapore’s weather is quite humid, your skin becomes more dry as you age, which means you have to do more to ensure your skin is hydrated. Dehydrated skin will in turn increase the signs of ageing in skin, resulting in more fine lines and wrinkles.



women of renaza, renaza, faye, skincare, facial

What’s your typical daily routine?

Typically, when I get in, we will check the appointments and follow up with customers.

I will do some basic cleaning and daily upkeep of the store as well, but my main responsibilities are to manage the entire store operations e.g. arranging the staff schedule, coordinating across the different branches, stock-take of our products and materials, as well as working with the bosses and the marketing team to plan deals & promotions, and other marketing material.


Do you have any hobbies?

I rollerblade to keep fit and I do a lot of baking on the weekends.


Baking? What sort of goodies do you make?

Oh, all sorts. I make biscuits, bread, cakes, pastries…

I’d say bread is the hardest to do and also the most time-consuming, as you have to prepare and prove the dough first. It also requires a longer baking time and frequent checking, compared to something like biscuits, which are relatively fuss-free.

Last weekend, I made only two loaves of bread, but that took up my entire Sunday.

women of renaza, renaza, faye, skincare, facial


I’ve even gone for baking classes with one of my customers. This is a picture I have from the class in December- we made a Christmas cake! It’s not often that I meet someone who loves to bake, so when I meet someone who is part of the baking community as well I get very excited about our shared interest for baking.

women of renaza, renaza, faye, skincare, facial, cake

women of renaza, renaza, faye, skincare, facial, bread


How would you sum up your experience working at Renaza?

I feel like I have made a difference and I have grown visibly as a person. I have been promoted first from a beautician to a consultant, and now I am the branch manager at our Wisma Atria store.

The bosses here genuinely care for us and give us lots of opportunities to learn and grow. They paid for me to take up courses, and I have learnt new skills that I can actually apply to my job- for many places you go for courses that have empty titles and the skills you pick up are not practical at all.

I also take up makeup courses on my own and even learnt to do eyebrow embroidery- even while I may not be using these skills directly while doing facials, I can still apply the soft skills like the knowledge of skincare and makeup to give better advice to customers.


women of renaza, renaza, fiona, skincare, facial

Favourite food in the area?

I like going for Yong Tau Foo at Takashimaya, which is owned by the same people who run the famous Lucky Plaza Yong Tau Foo. It’s excellent!

I tend to stick to a fixed routine for meals. It tends to get very busy during lunchtime from noon onwards, but if I can, I will try to have my lunch at around 12 to 1pm. I think it’s important to have a fixed timing for food, and I also avoid eating dinner too late. I will eat before 7pm, and stick to simply fruits or light healthy snacks before bed.


Wow, your routine is very healthy.

Oh, it’s just a habit I’ve gotten into. I exercise regularly as well, and I do yoga on the weekends.  I think lifestyle choices are just as important as your skincare routine- you can’t use expensive products to make up for poor lifestyle choices.

Avoid junk food, stay hydrated, eat less spicy food, drink less cold water, and don’t stay up too late.

Singapore’s weather does tend to be quite difficult to maintain a good complexion as the heat and humidity causes enlarged pores, oily skin, and acne issues. That’s why I feel like you should be working extra hard to make sure your skin is in good condition.


Are there any facial treatments with Renaza that you have tried?

I do the Venus Full Face Lift + Facial monthly, which has helps to increase collagen and increase skin healing. It helps to tighten, lift, and firm skin, and can be used for both face and body as well. I can really see the difference after each session, and I can confidently recommend it to others since I know how well it works from my own experience!

Many of my customers are converts after I’ve gushed about it. I guess I’m really going on and on about it, but I really love the Venus Swan treatment. It’s never too early to start regular anti-ageing treatments since prevention is better than cure!


How would you sum up your experience working at Renaza?

I’ve been here for over 5 years and I’ve learnt so much here. The environment is so welcoming. I love my colleagues, superiors, and the bosses here.

Everyone is so open to communication and learning and there are a wealth of opportunities and responsibilities that you can take up.

I have three roles here. I first started off as a beautician, and as I trained and gained more knowledge about skincare and the products, I took on the role of consultant as well. I am also a trainer here, and I am in charge of training the newer staff, as well as re-training regular staff or making sure everyone is up-to-date and educated on the newer treatments and machines that we introduce.

I feel a definite sense of achievement and satisfaction when I look at how far I have come, and I hope to train and inspire others to do the same as well.

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