In recent years, we’ve been seeing the rise of Gua Sha tools and facials– and for good reason!

The Gua Sha technique increases blood circulation and overall health by removing toxins from the body and promoting healing, which can result in a wealth of benefits for our skin when used in facials.

With all these benefits, the demand for Gua Sha facials have grown and people are are no longer just looking to expensive machines for their facial needs.

Let us break down all the reasons why we love the Renaza Jade Gua Sha Facial!

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The lymphatic system helps to distribute nutrients and filter out waste products to keep our skin and body healthy. However, its efficiency can become compromised by poor lifestyle habits, resulting in skin issues like acne and puffiness in the face as the toxins build up.

This facial combines the Jade Gua Sha technique with lymphatic drainage facial massage to increase the efficacy of the facial. These two techniques, when done together, helps to effectively reduce puffiness, bloating, and remove toxins, resulting in a healthier and de-puffed complexion.

Through the removal of toxins, one is less likely to experience breakouts from bad bacteria, and the process of Gua Sha is also said to improve immunity.

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Gua Sha helps to improve blood circulation and removes blood and fluid stagnation in the face. The strokes help to oxygenate and bring nutrients to skin, removing the ‘old’, bad blood.

The improved blood and oxygen flow translates to a wealth of benefits for your health and skin, such as the improved efficacy of skincare products, skin cell turnover, and younger, rejuvenated skin.

The improved circulation is better for your body as well– with the improved circulation, your organs are able to function more effectively and efficiently without blockages and impaired function!

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The gentle Gua Sha strokes stimulate the dermis to support blood flow and oxygen, which then causes an increase collagen and elastin production. These two things are crucial in keeping the skin young and firm.

This revitalises, lifts and tones skin, and firms up sagging muscles, reducing the signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines.

As the Gua Sha strokes used on the face are very gentle, they are suitable for toning up sensitive and delicate skin even around the eyes.

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The increased blood flow resulting from Gua Sha creates a more healthy, revitalised and youthful appearance.

Coupled with Renaza’s Ultra Hydrator Essence and Power Hydrating Soft Mask, the Gua Sha strokes will aid in greater absorption of these nutrients and an overall healthier, renewed skin.

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As Gua Sha improves blood circulation in the face and improves lymphatic drainage function, radiance is restored through the increased blood and oxygen flow to the skin.

In addition, the Gua Sha strokes will allow the deeply hydrating products used in this facial to better penetrate the skin layer, improving skin health and speeding up skin cell turnover for a glowing, youthful visage.

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For most working adults, we hold a lot of the tension in our body in our face, neck, and shoulders. A lot of the tension in our face builds up in our brow and our jaw, resulting in nasty headaches and neck pain, as well as fine lines and wrinkles!

Through working over tension areas and applying pressure to specific acupoints, tension and stress that has been built up can be gently worked away, relieving the facial muscles and surrounding neck area.

This has the added effect of reducing headaches from tension and stress, and lessening fine lines built up from all the strain.


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