You’ve seen A LOT of skin tips everywhere – Facebook, Instagram, magazines, and more. But which are the ones that are most well-liked?

This #RenazaIs12, we have compiled a list of the most liked skin tips on our Instagram!


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Beauty sleep is real. 😴 #renazaskintips

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You may have heard this one repeatedly before, but it’s an advice that we don’t often practice in our busy lifestyles. It is important to get sufficient sleep as our body boosts blood flow when we are asleep, which means more radiant skin!

It will also help to diminish dark eye circles as the blood that normally collects under the eye (which is visible as the skin there is thin) is able to flow properly, away from the eye.



Non-comedogenic products are products that do not clog your pores, which minimises the possibility of acne production. However, there is no regulation that restricts whether a product can be labelled as non-comedogenic or not.

The best thing to do when looking for these products is to look at the ingredients label. Most non-comedogenic products are oil-free (with the exception of a few like Argan and Hemp Seed oil, which have been known to be generally well-tolerated by all skin types).

Avoid creamy products with ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, and coconut butter. Though these are great for moisturising your body, they are a little too ‘heavy’ for the delicate skin on our faces. Look for products with thinner textures (like liquid or gel consistencies) as they are less likely to contain those ingredients and clog pores.



Isn’t that a great thing to hear? Resveratrol, which is typically found in red wine, soothes and firms the skin by functioning like estrogen, maintaining collagen and moisture levels. However, do note that all alcohol dehydrates the skin, therefore it is important to consume it in moderation.

Generally, if you have a glass of red wine a day, your skin will benefit from the wine and not suffer from it!



This one may seem like common sense, but some still do forget it from time to time. You do NOT want the dirt that your hands have accumulated coming into contact with your face as your pores may collect all these impurities and form into pimples, blackheads, and more.

Try getting rid of the habit of resting your face on your hand, as that is one subconscious way we might touch our faces with dirty hands without realising it.



Applying moisturiser is already a step in the right direction, now take it further by making sure your skin fully absorbs it by massaging the moisturiser into your skin. Without that step, your moisturiser may just sit on the surface of your skin without penetrating the skin properly.

In addition, don’t let a single drop of your product go to waste! Any excess moisturiser (or serum from your sheet masks) can be used anywhere on your body that needs that extra bit of care, such as your neck, elbows, and even feet.

Give your skin some love with these tips, and your skin will be sure to reciprocate the love with a radiant glow ✨



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