HO HO HOlidays are just around the corner – and so is the epic feasting! We know you’re super excited to satisfy those festive favourite cravings because we’ve been dying to have them all year long too! It’s truly the time to let go of our worries, de-stress and enjoy the company of our loved ones.


However, a lot of us might also be stressed about the consequences of chowing down on continuous servings of deliciousness, especially after finding out that many holiday treats have horrible effects on our skin.


Don’t worry though – we want you to have an absolutely amazing time without having to miss out on all the fun and feasting! So, we’re here to share some tips on what you can do to keep your skin happy, healthy and radiant for the holidays:


Sweet Treats – Christmas cookies, Log cakes, Pies, Candy canes, Chocolates, etc.


Indulging in too many sweet treats can actually lead to premature skin ageing due to the high sugar content, causing glycation to occur. Unfortunately, the proteins in our skin that are most prone to glycation are collagen and elastin, which are what keep our skin youthful, plump and smooth. The end result of glycation is a loss of skin elasticity, causing the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

Reap the benefits of other sweet treats like fresh fruit or a little dark chocolate to gain their nutritional and antioxidant goodness.


Alcohol – Wine, Champagne, Beer, Rum, Brandy, etc.


This is a hard one to avoid with all the celebratory toasts and New Years’ Eve parties coming up, but keep in mind that alcohol is highly dehydrating to our skin. This intense dehydration exacerbates signs of skin ageing and causes visible fine lines, puffiness and pasty-looking skin.

Two words – Moderation and Hydration. Try your best not to overdo it and in the meantime, drink lots of water. Raw vegetable appetisers are also a great way to receive a good amount of hydration and vitamins while you’re at it!   


Dairy – Cheese platters, Eggnog, Ice cream, etc.


Hormones found in milk react with testosterone found in our bodies (yes, ladies are no exception – we have testosterone too!), creating hormonal changes in our systems that cause inflammation and the production of excess sebum. Sebum, the pore-clogging demon, builds up into an oily mess, creating the perfect environment for acne to blossom.

Tip: Try your best to limit your cheese consumption and reach for more dairy alternatives like sorbet or almond milk (which would work just as well in a hot chocolate)!


We hope that these Renaza holiday skincare tips help to keep your gorgeous faces glowing bright with youthful splendour and pure happiness this festive season.


Have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!
See you in 2019!



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