(and how to tackle them) 😌

We all know the standard golden rules for preventing premature ageing: “Sunscreen every day, lead a healthy lifestyle, maintain a proper skincare routine.” We’ve repeated them on here ad nauseum, too.

And it’s true— they work.

But what about the other hidden causes for ageing we don’t hear about? Maybe you’ve been doing everything right and looking after your skin, but the results have been lackluster.

While we can’t stop time for you— trust me, if we could bottle youth for you, we would— these tips come pretty close. 😉

skin ageing, skin tips, skincare

We all know our pillowcase should be changed frequently to avoid breakouts from the dirt and bacteria, but here’s another thing to take note— yes, they do cause and/or worsen wrinkles. Yikes!

As you age, your skin becomes less elastic and that makes you more susceptible to long-term tension or stretching from sleeping on your side.

Reduce the dreaded “sleep creases” by swapping your cotton pillowcase to a silk one. Silk pillowcases are more gentle on your skin cand will reduce skin pulling while you sleep.

Likewise, excessive use of makeup wipes subjects our skin to a lot of stretching and tugging, especially around the eye area. As most of our makeup products are long-wearing and waterproof (to survive Singapore’s weather), it requires a bit more heavy lifting at the end of the day to take off. Long-term use of wipes will increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 😱

For makeup removal that is gentler on skin, opt for a makeup cleansing oil or balm instead. Gently massage over your face and rinse. Follow up with your normal cleanser.
Most cleansing oils and balms have been specially formulated to be non-oily, but if you dislike the consistency and feeling, you can use them just for the delicate eye area to take off your eyeshadow and mascara.

Use makeup wipes to remove your makeup only if absolutely necessary, e.g. if you have to take your makeup off on the go or are already dead on your feet, then yes, you may do so.
Removing your makeup before bed is still better for your skin in the long run.

Ah, no doubt a guilty pleasure for many of us in the morning or after a long day. While they are definitely good for easing sore muscles and overall tension, here’s why you should turn down the heat a little.

Spending an extended amount of time in a hot shower causes your skin to become excessively dry. This dryness is exacerbated by rough towelling-off after your shower, and overall speeds up the ageing of skin.

Of course, it’s difficult to change up a habit right away— slowly reduce the temperature of your showers, or if you really must have your hot shower, reduce the duration. Carefully pat dry with a soft microfibre towel that will be gentler on skin.

skin ageing, skin tips, skincare

Ariana Grande’s famed high ponytail may be a style that many seek to emulate with long clip in extensions, but pulling your hair too tight or putting too much weight on your natural hair will cause your hair to break or fall faster, particularly along the hairline. Over the years, this will cause your hairline to recede faster. Your skin will also lose its elasticity quicker. Guess those caricatures of those severe, pinched faces in ballet have some truth after all!

To avoid this, use a large hairclip instead of a tight hairband, and try to let down your hair more often if you tend to wear it up the whole day. This will also reduce your tendency to get headaches, particularly if you have long hair.

Bizarre but true!

Trying to drop several sizes to fit into your dream dress at a big event? Cool, cool, cool.. but make sure you do it the right way.

Avoid taking products that promise ‘fast results’ or have exaggerated claims., skipping meals, or trying diet fads that have not been approved by a nutritionist or your doctor. These either do not work or cause unhealthy weight loss with negative side effects. The rapid fluctuations in weight causes your skin to lose its elasticity quicker— if not done gradually, your skin will not be able to adapt and you will have loose, sagging skin in areas.

Aside from the skin benefits, gradual and healthy weight loss is better for your overall health as well. Regular exercise and a good diet will give more permanent results than taking weight-loss pills/teas or skipping meals. Lose weight the right way and your body and skin will thank you for it!

Moderate exercise provides a rejuvenating effect on the skin by stimulating collagen production and skin renewal. Enhanced blood circulation reduces the likelihood of dull, tired skin as well!

Exercising for 20-40mins several times a week is enough to reap the anti-ageing benefits (and added weight loss 😉). Be careful not to over-exert yourself especially when starting out— start slow and increase the intensity! More is not necessarily better as well: excessive running can also cause sagging in skin (90-120mins of running)

skin ageing, skin tips, skincare

Even if you work an office job with little exposure to the sun, it doesn’t mean you are safe from UV rays. Studies have shown that the decades of sitting under fluorescent lights at work rack up a significant amount of UV radiation as well.

While this amount isn’t enough to cause skin cancer (phew!), the results have shown that it speeds up ageing. So remember not to take SPF for granted: your skin will thank you for it.

We know it sounds absurd, but hear us out.

Pursing your lips in general increases the likelihood of developing vertical lines (that smokers usually get) on their lips. The same goes for using a straw, or if your native language tends to use a lot of lip pursing.

Is it really necessary to avoid using a straw or all these things in the name of beauty? This habit may be just a drop in the ocean compared to all the other things we may be doing that damages our skin, but hey, skipping it will help the environment too. Same goes for cigarettes— cut down on the amount of sticks you smoke for better skin and overall health!

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