Everyone has a skin type, but not everyone has a skin concern. Yet, the different ‘skin types’ and ‘skin concerns’ are often used interchangeably despite having very different meanings.

Confused? Let us break it down for you.

Your skin type is determined by genetics and are less susceptible to change by internal/external factors.

However, your actual skin type can often be masked or misidentified due to the products you use, which might cause you to continue using products that are unsuitable for your skin.

For instance, you might have normal skin but an overuse of heavy moisturiser might cause you to identify as having oily skin.

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skin concern, ageing skin, dull skin, acne, troubled skin


Skin concerns are a lot easier to identify visually and are a more nuanced way of looking at your skin, instead of  buying products for a certain skin type and neglecting other considerations or concerns.

Skin concerns may manifest regardless of your skin type.

skin concern, ageing skin, dull skin, acne, troubled skin

Saying that, some skin types may be more susceptible to specific skin concerns. For example, dry skin tends to be prone to dullness, and show signs of ageing earlier. Oily skin, on the other hand, may be more prone to acne.

Skin concerns may change more frequently depending on your lifestyle and environment, and as such your skincare products should change depending on its condition or any other internal/external factors, instead of sticking to products for ‘oily skin’ for example.


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