If you’ve noticed your skin becoming more troubled than usual, the weather might be to blame. In recent weeks, the weather has been alternating between really, really hot, and pouring buckets of rain! ๐Ÿฅต

As monsoon season approaches, make sure to arm yourself with good skincare and regular facialsโ€“ your skin will need some TLC!

Why does the monsoon season affect our skin?

monsoon, weather, skincare, skin tips

During the monsoon season, skin fluctuates very frequently between oily and dry due to the rapidly changing humidity levels. This increases the sebum production in our skin, which makes our skin feel oily.

Combined with the need to wear face masks, our skin becomes even more oily and sweaty, which becomes a breeding ground for any dust, dirt, and bacteria.

What are the common skin concerns during this period?

monsoon, weather, skincare, skin tips

Expect more clogged pores, breakouts, dull skin, and flare-ups of existing skin conditions like ezcema and psoriasis.

You may also start to develop acne in several areas on your body that do not usually experience breakouts, such as your back, neck, and arms. Some individuals may also experience increased sensitivity in their skin.

How to reduce breakouts?

monsoon, weather, skincare, skin tips

During this time, you may need to cleanse your skin more often, especially if you step out of the house. However, you should avoid over-cleansing to the point where your skin feels uncomfortably tight and dry. As Singapore’s climate is still very warm and humid, dry skin and the increased humidity during the monsoon season will lead to impaired barrier function of skin.

This leads us to the next tip: ensure you hydrate and moisturise your skin with multiple products instead of a single rich moisturiser that may feel uncomfortable and stuffy on skin.

You can layer hydration on by using a hydrating toner, serum, mixing hyaluronic acid with your gel moisturiser, using a hydrating mist throughout the day AND consuming more water to ensure your skin stays hydrated. Hydrated skin has a better barrier function to defend itself against bacteria and environmental damage!

Avoiding heavy makeup will also reduce the likelihood of clogged pores from any missed spots during cleansing and allow your skin to ~breathe~ better throughout the day. If you can’t skip the makeup routine, double-cleansing with a makeup remover and a regular cleanser is a must.

Remember not to skip your facial sessionsโ€“ facials help reduce build-up of dead skin cells and re-nourish the skin, which does the brunt of the hard work for you and boosts the efficacy of your skincare products. *hint hint*

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