Mother’s Day is all about giving back and showing your appreciation for the special wom(e)n in your life.

Sometimes, the best gifts don’t have to be expensive or require hours of effort. Spending time with your loved ones (something we have learnt to treasure during this time) is often the best gift you can give.

Whether you are spending this day together or apart, here are some things you can do to make this year’s celebrations extra-special. 🤗

Cook a Nice Meal

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You can’t take your mum out to a fancy restaurant this year, but you can make her a delicious meal! Bonus points if you whip up some of her own recipes 👌 nothing beats comfort food!

Do Chores for Her

Housework is tiring and often a thankless job. Let your mum kick back on this day and truly relax on this day as you help out with the chores! Perhaps you will even gain a newfound appreciation for all the work she does to support the household.

In fact, why not continue and help out where you can around the house to lessen her load.

Go Grocery Shopping

With COVID-19, grocery shopping is difficult, tiring, and potentially even dangerous (especially if your mum is getting on in years!). Make a trip down to the supermarket or wet market to make sure she is stocked up on all necessities and fresh food.

If you no longer live under the same household as your mum, you can still order groceries for her online. How’s that for a sweet AND practical gesture?

Binge Dramas Together

If you are a kdrama fan like your mum, why not spend some time together by bingeing the latest series on Netflix?

Whether it’s squealing over a romantic development, or crying over a heartbreak scene, you’ll be sure to bond over your shared viewing experience.

Pamper Time!

Treat your mum to a home spa day or simply whip out some sheet masks for some quick and fuss-free pampering. Light a candle, apply masks together, and watch a movie while you wait for all the goodness to sink in.

We also recommend pampering your mum’s hands and feet for extra TLC. These areas are often neglected, and hands often show the signs of ageing earlier as they are exposed to UV damage and harsh chemicals while doing housework.

Give a Facial Massage

Pamper yourself and mum this mother’s day through facial massage! The benefits of facial massage are numerous: from reducing wrinkles and improving skin glow, to improving blood circulation, energy, and also relaxation and stress relief.

We will be sharing a series of simple facial massage techniques this weekend on our Instagram page and a detailed blog next week, so do watch this space!

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