Did you know your neck often shows the signs of ageing earliest? Many of us are very concerned about wrinkles around our eyes and face, and devote a lot of our skincare and beauty treatments to these areas.

Comparatively, we give much less attention to caring for the skin around our neck even though it is still very much an area that is part and parcel of our facial appearance.

If you have been neglecting this area, don’t fret— in this post, we share everything you need to know about neck wrinkles and how to beat them! (you can thank us later 😉)

So, what causes neck wrinkles?

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As we age, production levels of collagen and elastin in our skin decreases. Collagen and elastin are crucial in helping our skin to look firm and youthful— as the amount of collagen and elastin in our skin decreases, we start to see more sagging and wrinkling.

As the skin around our neck is naturally thinner compared to the other parts of our body, it is also more susceptible to wrinkling (and the same goes for the delicate skin around your eyes!).

Of course, there are other factors that may speed up the ageing of skin around your neck. For instance, most of us go through a meticulous anti-ageing skincare routine for our face, we neglect our neck, resulting in a youthful appearance but a neck that looks decades older!

Even poor posture may play a part in causing neck wrinkles. Along with other factors like poor lifestyle choices and environmental aggressors, all these can hasten the ageing process of the delicate skin around our neck.

How do we keep our neck looking youthful for longer?

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Apply sunscreen

Along with our face and hands, the neck is one of the areas on our body that faces the most exposure to sunlight. However, people often forget to apply sunscreen on their neck and arms as well. UV rays speed up ageing of skin, so make sure you don’t miss out your neck!

Extend your reach

When doing your regular anti-ageing skincare routine, extend it down to your neck and chest as well. Make sure the delicate skin is hydrated and moisturised to keep skin supple and firm for longer.

Choosing a suitable anti-ageing product will ensure your skin is packed with lots of wonderful benefits to fight the effects of ageing. If you’re already a fan of our Age Defense series, why not try Renaza’s Glow Series Skin Rectifier+? This product is a premium rectifying cream chock-full with nutrients and snail extract to effectively hydrate, renew, and firm skin. The cream applies like a dream and feels weightless, sealing in moisture to keep your face and neck soft and supple.

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Cleanse well

Most makeup tutorials recommend blending foundation and powder down to your neck to avoid a difference in skin tone, but yet when cleansing we often forget to cleanse our neck (or just do a general cleanse while in the shower). Build up of makeup can lead to dull, dry skin that is more susceptible to wrinkles and fine lines.

Change your lifestyle habits

These tips have been repeated over and over in every skincare guide, but they are important! Drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep will improve the quality of your skin and slow down the ageing process. Avoid drinking too much alcohol and quit smoking— these will dehydrate your skin and speed up the ageing of skin.

Keep your head up

With electronic devices becoming a big part of our lives (and even more so now), we tend to hold a fixed position for long periods of time.

Looking down for hours on end stretches out the skin on your neck more and causes the dreaded double-chin effect as the skin folds over. Over time, this can lead to permanent, deeper lines and sagging as the skin loses its elasticity.

Remember to take breaks or use a phone/laptop stand!

Gently apply products upwards

Don’t help gravity by tugging and pulling at your skin downwards. A gentle touch will do!

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