You could be easily living your best skin life right now and you don’t even know it.

Let’s take a look at all the ways our skin is #winning right now.

No need for makeup

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Makeup might be necessary for your line of work, or maybe it gives you more confidence.

We’re sure you’ve been meaning to let your skin ~breathe~ but you’ve found yourself wearing makeup even on the weekends for brunch day with the pals.

We get it. It’s difficult. 😔

But with enforced WFH measures in place, you can cut the excuses and give your skin the break. While we’re at home, our skin can take all that time to breathe and be free from the layers of foundation you usually have on. No more nasty clogged pores or breakouts at spots you’ve missed during cleansing!

However, just because you are not wearing makeup, that doesn’t mean you can touch your face. Not only should you avoid it because it has been known to increase your chance of getting coronavirus, but it will also spread dirt, bacteria, and oil on your face, which makes for clogged pores and a bad complexion. 😱

Catch more Z’s

Working from home means none of that dreaded hour-long commute to your workplace. While Singapore may not be that big, you are probably spending at least 30-60mins commuting to work every morning. Plus, you can save that extra hour you usually spend getting ready to go out, in bed.

More sleep is not only beneficial for your skin, it’s good for your overall body health + a boosted immunity. How’s that for a winner? 🙌🏼

Reduced exposure to pollution and UV rays

It’s no secret that UV damage and pollution are the main factors for premature skin ageing, and staying home will cut your UV exposure and all that dirt and grime flying about by leaps and bounds. 🙌🏼 No need for those treks under the hot sun to dabao food!

However, staying home doesn’t mean you can skip the SPF entirely. Your windows can block UVB rays, but UVA rays can still penetrate through. Continue to appply sunscreen, or a moisturiser with SPF daily.

And let’s be real– you’re probably sitting by your balcony or open window for the #freshair.

Likewise, dust and dirt will still be around in the air, so make sure you continue with your regular cleanser morning and night, and stick to your regular skincare routine. Good skin habits shouldn’t be thrown out just because you aren’t wearing makeup daily!

Masking all day

Pop on a sheet mask or whip up a simple DIY mask with ingredients you have around your home and voila, you’re on your way to amazing skin! 🤩

Masking saturates your skin with lots of wonderful properties (e.g. hydrating, brightening, anti-ageing, depending on your skin needs) and really levels up your skincare routine.

It can be difficult to set aside time to do masking after a long day at work– especially considering that you have to get your day’s worth of makeup and grime off first!

With all the time you have at home now, you can mask all day err’ day (but maybe not on that Zoom call).

No long hours in air-conditioned rooms

Air-conditioning is often a welcome relief from Singapore’s sweltering heat. However this throws your skin’s moisture balance out of whack, causing your skin to become dry and itchy. And if you work an office job, chances are, you are spending the entire day in an air-conditioned room.

When working from home, try not to sit in a room with the air-conditioning blasting– stay somewhere well-ventilated. If you really cannot tahan Singapore’s heat and humidity, opt for a fan instead of air-conditioning.

Eating (and drinking) healthier
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Lunch options are limited when you have only an hour to spare, so you probably have been living on a diet of lukewarm takeouts, quick hawker meals with lots of salt and seasoning, and fast food (unless you are the rare breed of adults who have their life together with meal prep 😱)

Let’s also not forget the tea-time kopis, cloyingly sweet milk teas, the soft drinks you grab with your fast food.

While you’re at home, you can use the good two hours you usually spend getting ready and travelling to work to prep for a balanced lunch and dinner instead, and hydrate yourself with water, fruit juices, fruit smoothies, and brewed teas.

Time to dig out that dusty blender and give it a whirl 🤭

No late nights

Eyebags and dry skin are not a great look, but you can’t really say no to those late-night drinking and mahjong sessions, right? There is nothing worse than feeling trapped between dying at work the next day or being a wet blanket and begging off another gathering with your friends or colleagues.

Take this time to let your body and skin rest. 😌


Above all, please stay home, and stay safe!

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