With skin being the largest– and most prominent– organ, it makes sense to pay more attention to how our skin looks and feels. While everyone may have only one skin type, you can suffer from multiple skin concerns, especially as you age.

With glowing, youthful skin as a marker for beauty, having healthy skin means that you are thriving, both physically and emotionally! As such, individuals plagued with skin woes are more likely to experience a drop in confidence levels, and spend more money on short-term solutions.

In this article, we will address some common skin concerns, and introduce tips and solutions to tackle these concerns.

Read on to find out more on how you can switch up your skincare routine, as well as implement some important lifestyle changes for happy, healthy, beautiful skin inside and out!

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ageing skin

Our skin will inevitably age as we get older and gradually start to lose its elasticity, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles, drier skin, dark spots, and overall a more uneven complexion (which relates to our next skin concern as well!).

However, without proper care and maintenance, you may experience accelerated skin damage from free radicals, leading to premature skin ageing.

A large part of free radicals come from environmental factors, especially radiation from the sun. With extensive UV radiation, the DNA in skin cells will become damaged and result in lots of nasty side effects.

You can see this most evidently in truck driver William McElligott– 28 years of long-term exposure to UV radiation have caused intense lines and sagging on one side of his face.

The best way to prevent these effects is by reducing unnecessary exposure to the sun, and applying sunscreen daily. Sunscreen stops UV radiation through reflecting, absorbing, and reacting with it before it penetrates the skin and causes damage- so layer up!

Antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E can also help to fight the free radicals that cause skin ageing.

Changing your diet to include foods with lots of these vitamins, as well as using antioxidant-rich skincare products, can help reduce the damage done to skin and slow down the signs of skin ageing.

In addition, studies have shown that Vitamin C is also a booster of collagen formation. Collagen is often mentioned in anti-ageing treatments as it helps increase skin strength and improve the firmness and elasticity of skin, as well as improving hydration.

Taking collagen supplements alongside a vitamin and protein-rich diet can help stave off premature skin ageing, especially when taken hand-in-hand with other topical products.


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skin concerns, renaza, renaza blog, facial, skincare, dull skin

dull skin

The beauty industry is big on ‘glow‘ at the moment– everything from highlighters, to body lotions, to moisturisers, serums, oils… you name it, you’ve got it. Even supplements and boosters that are meant to be consumed are marketing around this buzzword– think: ‘inner glow’!

As Korean skincare and ‘glass skin‘ ideals gain traction worldwide, more people are chasing the goal of dewy, glowing skin than ever before.

But despite the uptick of products and treatments in recent years, many individuals still experience persistent skin dullness. Knowing exactly why you may be experiencing skin dullness will help you effectively tackle the root cause of the problem and restore your skin to its former glowing glory!

Skin dullness is often caused by poor circulation or insufficient exfoliation.

First off, poor circulation may stem from poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, excessive alcohol intake, poor diet, and not drinking enough water. These will deprive your skin of crucial oxygen and nutrients, resulting in dull skin tone.

A healthy diet and staying hydrated has numerous benefits for your body, skin, and overall health, so ’nuff said!

If your skin looks dull due to lack of exfoliation, you can restore your skin to its former glory simply by doing a physical or chemical exfoliation 2-3 times a week.

Simply put, regular exfoliation allows your serums, moisturisers, and all your skincare goodness to be absorbed a lot better. Imagine all your expensive product sitting on a layer of dead skin cells– pointless and a waste of your hard-earned money when you need even more product for it to actually sink in to where it needs to go!

Dull skin is also often one of the first signs of ageing. Our skin naturally exfoliates dead skin cells every day, but as we age, cell turnover and skin renewal rates slow down, which increases the build up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.

If you are experiencing age-related dullness, make sure you include proper sun care in your skincare routine (apply sunscreen daily!) and look for vitamin-infused, antioxidant-rich skincare products to add to your routine. Chemical peels every now and then (they are too harsh to do weekly) will also help to exfoliate, smooth, and brighten skin!


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Every step delivers potent skin-repairing vitamins to help improve skin elasticity, tone and texture, and increases your skin’s resistance to UV radiation as well.


skin concerns, renaza, renaza blog, facial, skincare, pigmentation, dark spots


Hyperpigmentation and dark spots occur when there is an accumulation or uneven distribution of melanin in the skin. This may be caused by several factors, such as lengthy sun exposure, skin trauma (including acne scars) and flux in hormones e.g. during pregnancy.

The most common forms of dark spots are melasma and sun spots, which appear most often on areas of the body that tend to be more exposed to the sun, such has the face and arms.

Another common cause includes skin trauma, which can be exacerbated by picking at spots and other scabs from skin injuries. Persistent eczema and psoriasis, if untreated, may cause extensive inflammation. As the skin heals, it may leave behind dark patches.

Proper sun care and hygiene are the first steps to take to reduce the likelihood of further dark spots forming. Avoid picking at spots and scabs, as this will lengthen the skin recovery time and increase the likelihood of dark patches forming. Regular exfoliation, as well as skincare products with a brightening effect can help to target and reduce the appearance of existing pigmentation.

When choosing skin lightening or whitening creams, be sure to consult a dermatologist first as there are many harmful whitening products out there in the market. Adding retinols to your nightly skincare routine can also reduce the amount of melanin produced. However, ensure you use a sunscreen in the daytime as some individuals are more sensitive to retinols.

A new study has also stated that aloe vera may have a lightening effect on skin on top of the soothing properties they are more often used for. The aloesin present in aloe vera inhibits production of melanin in the skin, but the results may not be as instant or effective as targeted skincare products. Green tea and chamomile tea may also improve hyperpigmentation due to their potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. You can both consume and apply cooled tea topically to skin.

P.S. We have shared more amazing benefits of chamomile tea for skin in this post!


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