With National Day coming up, we set out to identify the most common skin concerns among Singaporeans.

Out of all the polled responses, the ones that kept cropping up were: dull skin, premature ageing, dryness, breakouts from wearing masks and facial redness.

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Many of these skin concerns often occur in conjunction with one another and stem from Singapore’s climate and/or our day-to-day lifestyle habits 😰☀

Before we delve deep into these skin concerns, the general rule of thumb is: opt for hydrating and soothing products to nourish the skin and reduce the impact of stressors on your skin.


Facials should be done every 4-6 weeks to nourish skin, improve the skin’s resiliency to environmental stressors, and remove the build up of dead skin cells. Facials also boost the efficacy of products you use and should be done in conjunction with a regular skincare routine✨

skin concerns, redness, facial, renaza, dull skin, skincare, skin tps

Let’s begin with chronic facial redness. Facial redness is caused by inflammation of the skin.

This can be due to a myriad of factors, such as environmental stressors like sunlight and pollution, or poor lifestyle habits such as an excessive intake of alcohol, coffee, and spicy foods.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle but are still experiencing redness, your skincare products may be responsible. Steer clear of harsh chemicals, bad alcohols, and astringents; especially if your skin is naturally thin and sensitive, and always do a patch test first.


Omega Light Therapy is excellent for troubled and damaged skin. Paired with a gentle Multi-Derma Peel, this medical-grade LED device tackles acne at its root cause by eliminating acne-causing bacteria, treating acne, and controlling oil glands.

In addition, this device energises the skin’s fibroblast cells to encourage collagen and elastin production, increase blood circulation and skin regeneration– all good things for healthy, youthful skin! ⠀⠀⠀

skin concerns, redness, facial, renaza, dull skin, skincare, skin tps

Many respondents cited dull skin as one of their top skin concerns, stating their skin was blemish-free but relatively lackluster and dry.

There are many factors that may be causing dry skin, such as poor skincare habits or stress, age-related dullness, or may stem from poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, or lack of sleep.

These will deprive your skin of crucial oxygen and nutrients, resulting in a dull skin tone. Dull skin is also often one of the first signs of ageing as skin renewal rates slow down, leading to the build-up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.

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If you are using brightening products with little or slow results, consider adding this treatment to your skincare arsenal. Vita Aqua Glow combines aesthetic digital technologies and uniquely formulated serums to deliver visible results to the skin.

The treatment deeply cleanses and delivers pure hyaluronic acid via transdermal delivery, brightening the skin, providing intense hydration and improving skin elasticity.

This facial alleviates the symptoms of premature ageing, sun-damaged, and dull, dry skin. Expect renewed skin glow and smoother, brighter skin after this facial!

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