Chamomile is a tea that is consumed all over the world and is popular for its calming and refreshing effects. However, what many may not know is how powerful this humble chamomile flower is- it is a powerhouse containing antioxidants, along with many other good things like magnesium, calcium, fluoride, potassium, folate and Vitamin A.

We have summed up some of the amazing health and skin benefits that chamomile tea has to offer:


1. Reduces internal heat in your body

The first half of February has brought around warmer weather, with some days soaring to above 34°C! With the heat wave expected to persist through March, our bodies will become more “heaty”, making us more susceptible to fever, sore throat, and digestive issues.

Avoid reaching for soft drinks and have a cup of chamomile tea instead- the cooling nature of chamomile will be more effective than any cold beverage.


2. Eases flu and fever

Drinking chamomile tea is a natural way to help with flu and fever, and drinking or inhaling the steam from can soothe symptoms like sore throat, nasal congestion, and runny nose.

Talk about a cure-all!


3. Boosts immunity

Chamomile contains immunity-boosting properties, which makes it a perfect drink for those looking to stay healthy amidst the growing number of coronavirus cases here.

Of course, make sure you practise good hygiene and wash your hands regularly. 


4. Promotes better sleep

Chamomile tea contains no caffeine (unlike many other teas) and can be consumed at night without causing sleeplessness. Taking a cup of chamomile tea before bed soothes the nervous system and relaxes nerves, which can be helpful for people suffering from anxiety or insomnia.  


5. Eases period cramps

According to a study published by the American Chemical Society in the Journal of Agriculture and Chemistry, chamomile tea can be used as pain relief during the time of the month instead of turning to Panadol. Chamomile’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a natural NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug), working to reduce the production of prostaglandins and relax the uterus.


 6. Relieves sunburn

Chamomile can also be applied externally to soothe heat rash and sunburn from those hot days- dip a towel into cooled chamomile tea and dab on affected skin. The tea not only soothes the burn but also promotes healing of damaged skin from UV radiation.


 7. Treats wounds and skin conditions

As chamomile tea is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, it accelerates the healing of skin cells. The gentle and natural effect of chamomile makes it suitable for people who suffer from eczema or irritated skin as well, with less risk of adverse reactions as compared to strong steroid creams.


 8. Brightens skin

You can also apply chamomile tea topically as a spot treatment as it acts as a natural bleach- dab cooled chamomile tea over dark spots twice a day for a brightening effect. Best still, this doesn’t dry out your skin or damage your skin condition as it brightens. Step aside Fair & Lovely, chamomile tea is where it’s at.

9. Slows down aging

You can also use chamomile tea in your regular skincare routine after cleansing. The antioxidants in chamomile will reduce free-radical damage, as well as tighten pores and promote regeneration of skin cells and tissues. Think vibrant, youthful skin, the natural way!


 10. Reduces dandruff and improves hair shine

Using chamomile infused water as the final rinse soothes scalp irritation and reduces dandruff. In addition, the natural bleaching effect in chamomile improves the radiance and shine of your hair. This should be used at least twice a week for the best effect.


With all those tips in your arsenal now, maybe it’s time to get brewing and start incorporating chamomile tea in your daily life!

However, certain individuals should exercise caution before  using or consuming chamomile tea. As chamomile belongs to the Asteraceae plant family, you should avoid using it if you are allergic to dandelions or daisies.

Pregnant women are also advised to avoid chamomile as the uterine stimulating properties may induce pre-term labour.

Nursing mothers should also consult a physician before intake- the soothing properties can help calm colicky babies, but it is best to check with your dedicated medical professional for each case.

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