Crystal Collagen Facial

Collagen is a protein found in our body that acts like a “glue” to hold your skin layers together. This rejuvenating 60 minutes facial treatment uses collagen-boosting protein to revitalise, hydrate and restore elasticity to the skin. Expect firmer skin with a dewy radiance even after one treatment!


1.   Calming

2.   Cleanse

3.   Exfoliate
For a more thorough cleansing, our in-house customised exfoliating scrubs helps to purify, soothe and whisk away dead skin cells.

4.   Extract

5.   Application of Collagen Essence

6.   Facial Massage
An enjoyable and natural therapy that promotes blood circulation and prepares the face for better absorption of collagen essence.

7.   Crystal Collagen Mask Application
Infused with collagen protein, antioxidants and nutrients, our mask is designed to fight against visible signs of aging and free radicals, to reveal supple smoother and firmer skin even after one treatment.

8.   Moisturiser Application

Adequate Collagen Vs Insufficient Collagen

Perfect for:
  • Aging skin
  • Sagging skin
  • Dry skin

worth $130